Movie-making: One-on-One

We have partnered with the Flathead Valley Community College  in Kalispell Montana and have an amazing program to offer. This course fits easily in to a summer schedule, and will advance you further in your education of the film industry, write a story, make better films or even take better pictures.  As the storytellers of tomorrow, students will cover screenwriting, directing, camerawork, editing, acting, sound, and courses are designed to lead the student from story idea to finished short film using the newest innovations and industries current equipment.

Students that attend will be taught by directors and artists that have worked their crafts for years.  Imagine. Working next to and being taught by some of the NOW current directors, producers, actors and actresses from around the country, in one of the most beautiful States our country has to offer.

This course will be intense due to the time we have together and we’ll have some long days but we’ll push your movie making to the limit so be ready to live and breathe it.  Don’t worry, we have some other things planned for you as we want you to experience Montana too!

What are you waiting for? Get ready to go-MIA (link to the application)