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About Us, you ask?

This Institute was established to assist Montana artists by helping fund their theater, film or art project through a grant submission process. Through this we can address social issues that are relevant to today’s Montana and foster creative relationships throughout the “art” community.  In doing so, we created a platform for educational courses so students will have a better understanding of the tools necessary to work in the industry.

The best way to learn film making is to make films, with the support and guidance of experienced industry practitioners. The Montana Institute works with industry professionals who are passionate and involved in film making. These professionals are chosen for their knowledge and their ability to inspire, and teach, and have won awards. They are currently working out of New York and Los Angeles and have active film or theater projects in the works.

Do you want to help further your interest, career and education in the Art community? See if M.I.A is right for you.

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